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Help your client test their site!

Nasia Notta
Nasia Notta, 16 November 2015 Development
When creating a website it's easy to focus on planning, designing and developing and leave testing to be the final step before handing the website over to the client, asking them to review it.
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Keeping up with web coding trends

Nasia Notta
Nasia Notta, 06 August 2015 Development
If a new web tool wouldn’t appear every week, that would be great. As every technology, the web is growing in a fast pace and the ways to achieve the same result - build a website/web app - seem en
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Fears Of The Self-Taught Coder

Edward Welsby
Edward Welsby, 13 July 2015 Development
Open source is a great platform for hobbyist coders; it allows you to store your source-code (the underlying work behind a website/application) up in the cloud where others can find it and suggest mod
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