A Responsive Website Should Be Your #1 Goal For 2015

March 19, 2015   |   Digital Marketing
Nudge Digital
Nudge Digital

Chances are you?re reading this on your phone and you?re not alone! Last year mobile web traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. A mobile optimised website should be your #1 goal for 2015.

A Quick Introduction To Responsive Design

The clue is in the title, it means that the design responds to the screen size and shape. Your website will present differently on mobile, tablet and desktop (TV and surface). Each version will show the most relevant content and options for that user and the layout and navigation will change to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Below is an example of Cyberstreet, a website we did for HM Government?s  Home Office. The different layouts ensure users are provided intuitive access to relevant advice and information on all devices.


Why Responsive Design Matters For Your Business

All media, marketing and digital strategy experts agree ? a business that doesn?t have a mobile responsive website will have a hard time this year. There is only one exception to the rule: you have already tested responsive design and realised a mobile site suits your business better (I will go into detail on this in my next blog post. Sign up here if you want to be alerted, once it is published).

In any case a mobile strategy is crucial for modern business and there are 4 very convincing reasons why a responsive website should be your number one marketing and business goal for 2015.

1. More Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices Than From Desktop Computers

The average Briton spends about 2 hours every day using their phone to surf online and this trend is only getting stronger. Time spent online by the younger generation is even higher and keep in mind that they will be your future customers. There is no way around it, mobile is no longer the future, it?s the present.

See for yourself and check your website?s mobile traffic now. It?s probably over 50%. If it?s not yet, look at how it?s growing (if you?re unsure how to do this, get in touch and we?ll talk you through it), the trend is undeniable.

 2. Retaining Your Customers

Bounce rates from non-mobile optimised sites are more than twice as high as those that are optimised. Every time one of your customers bounces back to Google, because they couldn?t get to the relevant information quickly and easily, they will bounce straight onto your competitor?s site.

Have a look at the websites of your five biggest competitors on your phone. How do their mobile experience compare? Is information more easy to find and navigation clearer? If everyone is lagging behind, seize this HUGE opportunity! If none of them have recognised this trend, then now is your chance to shine and leave them in the dust. 

3. Google Prefers Responsive Websites

In February Google announced that they will alter their algorithms to favour mobile friendly websites in search results. Their aim is to provide the best search experience for their users and this means sending them to sites with great experiences. The update goes live April 21.

Traffic to your website from mobile, can mean ?foot traffic? to your physical business location, if you consider how many people have found your business on their phone and decided to drop by. 

4. Great User Experience Means Great Conversion Rates

You?re another business? customer, so I?m sure you can relate to the frustration when you are looking up a website on your phone, and the design is not responsive. It?s hard to read anything or get to the information you need quickly. Leaving the site is the best option at that point.

Now if the website responds to the screen size, the customer will find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds, and your chances of converting their initial interest to a profitable action increases tremendously.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Now for the heavy lifting ? how do you get your website responsive? There are generally two different best practices: you can either re-code the front end of your website so that it will display better on mobile devices. Or you can re-design it creating a slick modern design and flawless user experience.

Nudge has years of experience when it comes to making websites mobile and delivering brilliant user experience. So if you are thinking about going responsive, why not give us a call or come by for a coffee and we can chat about what the best option is for your business.