Nudge provisioned the product for over 100 AON clients. The software was completely re-engineered to run from a single codebase and new market-leading features and user experience was introduced.

12 x

reduction in maintenance costs and a huge increase in the speed of rolling out new features.


  • AON provide and manage the benefits their clients offer to employees. The centre piece of the offering is a self-serve portal that allows the end users to manage their benefits and understand their options, pension contributions and more.
  • AON’s original platform (written by a third party) had to be provisioned, customised and deployed separately per client. This meant maintenance, upgrades and enhancements were expensive and slow to roll out and every release carried significant risk of bugs.
  • AON needed to be able to maintain their product more cost and time effectively and innovate and update faster to ensure continued market-leading dominance.


Nudge employ some of the best computer scientists available. That engineering prowess comes to the fore when dealing with complex SAAS projects. While most engineers are scared by technical challenges and software of this magnitude, our team are in their element.


  • AON’s platform had a large codebase; Nudge undertook an extensive technical mapping exercise that allowed a review of the efficiency of all support, maintenance and upgrade processes.
  • Nudge, while planning the re-write of the full codebase, improved the tooling across all present and emerging instances of the product.
  • The new tooling and approach to releasing updates and enhancements saved tens of thousands of pounds while allowed Nudge to begin proactively working with AON to enhance the product, technically and in user experience.
  • Nudge then began working with AON proactively to maintain a market-leading product.

Nudge deliver solutions, ROI and exceptional user experience over and over again.

Dom Manley, Product ManagerAon


The platform is accessed by over a million users worldwide


  • Improved user experience
  • 12 x reduction in running costs
  • Over 10 x increase in speed rolling out new features
  • Over 10 x increase in speed of onboarding new customers

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