Nudge was brought in to analyse a £100m business process problem and align multiple stakeholders on a solution.


  • There is legislation that allows soldiers of sufficient rank to purchase equipment without approval.
  • These laws were aimed at battle-field scenarios where the procurement of essential equipment should not be held up by bureaucracy.
  • Unfortunately, this also allows soldiers to bypass official procurement procedures leading to inefficient spend and occasionally misspent funds.
  • The MOD needed to create a system that made procurement so easy that bypassing the system was more inconvenient than using it. They turned to Nudge.


Nudge has a huge depth of experience in managing strong-willed and diverse stakeholders. We are also technology agnostic allowing us to assess the status quo and suggest the best solution, not Nudge’s preferred solution.


  • Nudge first ran a complete audit of the current system which entailed user interviews, analytics review and interface reviews.
  • Stakeholder interviews followed by focus groups which highlighted the user experience and business process issues with the current system, as well as the needs of ‘customers’ and business users.
  • Nudge designed prototypes and user tested those prototypes learning the optimal procurement flow.

The initiative that they helped to define would help to deliver efficiency in the procurement process, while affording the CIO for the Army the opportunity to better control and manage the ICT spend for the entire Front Line Command.


Nudge Digital’s Agile approach has been very welcome within the Directorate Information in the Army Headquarters. Their engagement with our Staff, specialist and expert users has been exemplary. In scoping the definition of the project and identifying the variety of personas involved in our end to end processes they have succeeded in writing down elements of our operating model that had not been defined in such detail to that point. The addition of user stories just added to the detail, and at the same time educated many in our organisation about agile software development processes. Nudge achieved all of this while trying to get their heads around the military (and Army in particular) ways of working, which is a real credit to their patience and professionalism. They had a very obvious desire to learn about our often overly bureaucratic ways, and I applaud their patience in dealing with it.


In summary, Nudge Digital were a delight to work alongside, delivering us a really useful set of products that are helping to point us in the right direction. I could not thank them enough for their refreshing, independent and objective approach to our ways of working. It was a pleasure working with such a friendly, professional team and I happily recommend them to other users in the Ministry of Defence or other Government Departments.

Dominic SharkeyLieutenant Colonel


  • Nudge delivered a full strategic document and specification outlining the work to be done in order to reach efficiency and user adoption.
  • Nudge provided a high-level internal communications strategy to assist launch, organisation buy-in and change management.
  • Nudge suggested three different possible technology routes, all with pros and cons which made the best use of existing infrastructure and would integrate with the legacy systems in situ.

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