The brief: To design and build a new website to house the UK's fire service and safety information


Using Government Digital Service (GDS) methodologies, Nudge created the Fire Service’s national website on Drupal 8, taking the project through from Discovery, to Live with a keen focus on user-testing and accessibility.


Nudge are experts in taking projects from Discovery to Live.


  • The public wants access to up-to-date data.
  • The public also wants one central and authoritative resource on fire regulation and safety advice.
  • Fire safety advice throughout the country is contradictory – for example, some counties recommend checking a smoke detector weekly while others every three months!
  • A key element in the Fire Reform Programme is to improve the transparency of Fire and Rescue Services (FRS); data and announcements needed to be easily discovered and accessed by the public.


Nudge’s deep understanding of user-centric planning, user experience design, user testing and even deeper understanding of GDS processes ensured smooth sailing through Discovery, Alpha and Beta stages.

Fire England website on laptop and mobile


  • Nudge’s GDS specific project planning templates, project management tool setup and ‘passing the assessments’ guides were all quickly invoked and the client talked through the road to passing.
  • User-centric discovery was of paramount necessity. The Home Office had to show GDS that the website was necessary in order to progress the project. Nudge quickly undertook considerable focus groups and user testing to pass Discovery and begin building the Alpha.
  • Agile methodology is at the heart of the GDS Service Manual. Users dictate what is needed and those features are prioritised. An Alpha was developed at speed with working software delivered to a staging site allowing constant testing and a rapid feedback loop.
  • User testing was extensive with a special focus on accessibility. Feedback from users gleaned as early as possible in the process ensured early action and budget efficiency.
Fire England Analytics
  • The launch is just the beginning; understanding how the public use the website and optimising from there is the next step.
  • Advanced analytics are used to track user behaviour and continually improve the site.
  • Survey technologies have been integrated, continually accruing data and feedback from the public informing the backlog and roadmap of features to be developed.


  • The Home Office were educated in Agile delivery and became comfortable working in an agile way and using agile project management systems.
  • Nudge helped the Home Office prepare for GDS assessments – which they sailed through.
  • Now the site is live, Nudge is working closely with the Home Office on the next phase of content and presentation of live data.

It’s been an absolute delight to work with the fantastic team at Nudge.

Stephen Polly
 The Home Office, UK

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